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The Meraki Mindset

By: Sarindee Patel

Writing is my favorite method of expression. I think it started when I was a little girl and my grandmother, whom I call “Achchi,” one day gifted me a journal. It was a simple gesture that spoke volumes.

Pretty soon, my preferred activities became journaling, reading a book, chatting away, or writing a story. And so my fascination with storytelling began.

I always considered myself extremely blessed to have been raised by parents who always made me feel heard; to be surrounded by strong female role models such as my Achchi who was a teacher, writer, podcaster, and speaker. In a culture where women do not always have a voice, my family ensured I felt empowered to have one and to use it.

Enter: The Meraki Mindset.

Keeping with the meaning and mission behind “Meraki”, I wanted to create a platform where I pass down the same message to others - your voice matters. Your stories matter. Specifically in communities where it’s not heard as loudly or shared as widely as it should be.

In addition to industry related content, our blog will feature stories, poems, and collections from our minority communities. My hope is that it serves as a safe-space to share, inspire, learn, connect.

Let the story begin…

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